Bathroom Safety Tips

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house.  When we look at the bathroom it is a simple room designed for one purpose, personal hygiene.  When we walk into the bathroom the first thing that we need to address is the bathroom flooring decatur.  The flooring that we use will set the tone of the room’s look and safety.

For most bathrooms the flooring is going to be some type of linoleum or tile.  Got many household bathrooms linoleum is going to be your primary surface.  The reasoning for this is that it is inexpensive to make and can be delivered and installed quickly.

For those that have tile, you are looking at a little bit bigger of an expense.  Although tile isn’t that much more expensive, if you have damaged tile or time that breaks after installation, it can be costly to repair it in product and labor.

Watch water

bathroom flooring decatur.

The first safety tip is to watch water.  Water will cause the floor to become slick and slippery.  When stepping out of the shower you want to step on a rug or other safety surface.  These surfaces should not slip or cause you to fall.

Water is also dangerous around sinks.  If you slip and fall you could strike your head on the edge of a sink or shower.  This can cause you a lot of pain or more.

Use GFI outlets

Power in the bathroom needs to be monitored and regulated.  Since there is a lot of water in the bathroom you need to have GFI outlets.  These outlets have a special tripping feature on them that prevents electric current from flowing.

Keep your door unlocked

Privacy is very important in the bathroom.  When we are in there however, we want to keep the door unlocked.  The reason for this is if there is an issue getting inside shouldn’t be difficult.  Moments can mean the difference between life and death.